This course is designed to prepare you for the California MFT Law & Ethics Exam (MFT L&E). If you're looking for the best exam prep, study tools, video lectures, and practice tests for the BBS MFT Law and Ethics Exam, you're in the right place.

  • Video-based learning

    More than 10 hours of focused video lectures, organized by topic.

  • Quizzes & mock exams

    Two full-length mock exams, a 25-item mini-mock, and focused quizzes. Almost 200 total practice questions with rationales.

  • Taught by an MFT

    Ben Caldwell is an experienced instructor and advocate, and a licensed MFT.


Here are the just some of the reasons why customers love our CA law and ethics exam prep:

  • Video format. We have more video content than any program we know. Whether you learn best by reading or by listening, you're set with us. We have more than 10 hours of video lectures, geared to efficiently guide you through key knowledge for your law and ethics exam.
  • Taught by a leading MFT educator and advocate. Dr. Ben Caldwell is a licensed MFT specializing in couple therapy, has been teaching California MFTs at the graduate level for more than 15 years, and has fought and won many battles on behalf of MFTs with the BBS and the California Legislature. There are few people in the state with deeper knowledge of the field.
  • A better price. It's that simple: We built a great product, and we charge a lot less for it than some of our competitors. It's because we're mission-driven here: We're not just selling you a product, we're fighting for you. 
  • Organized based on the BBS Exam Plan so you know what to study for -- and there's nothing here you don't.
  • Available anywhere you're online. Our browser-based platform works on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, anytime you're connected to the internet. (System requirements apply.)
  • Practice questions with rationales. We currently have two full-length law and ethics mock exams and one 25-item mini-mock, as well as shorter quizzes. In total, there are almost 200 practice questions in this program.
  • With you until you pass. Initial course access is set to 120 days, but if you change your test date or otherwise need an extension, let us know.


Benjamin Caldwell, PsyD, LMFT

Benjamin Caldwell, PsyD is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#42723). He currently serves as adjunct faculty for California State University Northridge in Los Angeles. He has taught at the graduate level for more than 15 years, primarily in Law and Ethics, and has written and trained extensively on ethical applications in mental health care. In addition to serving a three-year term on the AAMFT Ethics Committee, Dr. Caldwell served as the Chair of the Legislative and Advocacy Committee for AAMFT-California for 10 years. He served as Editor for the Users Guide to the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics, Chair of the workgroup that developed Best Practices in the Online Practice of Couple and Family Therapy, and author of several books, including Saving Psychotherapy and Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs.

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Course access:

Initial course access is 120 days. However, we're with you until you pass. To request additional course access time, please contact us. We may ask for additional information to time your access appropriately, such as your scheduled test date.

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Course Published: June 1, 2021

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