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Money is emotional. It's taboo to discuss. And the messages we receive about money, from childhood through professional work, can stand in the way of our success. Tiffany McLain tackles the complex subject head-on, motivating us in a way that few others can.

This course was recorded from a live presentation at the 2019 Therapy Reimagined conference in Los Angeles. For information on past and future Therapy Reimagined events, visit therapyreimagined.com.

Course description

While mental health practitioners have made great strides in discussing death, sex, religion and politics, when it comes to money, we remain paralyzed. So many therapists enter private practice with a “martyrdom mentality” that is not only problematic for the therapist, but also for relationships with clients. 

The course provides a 4-part framework that will address the barriers many therapists have to addressing financial issues head on. 

By inviting therapists to the "sizzle seat," this course asks viewers to examine their countertransference toward receiving, both in general and specifically as it relates to money, while working with the clients they are passionate about serving.

78 minutes. Recorded Video Format (non-interactive). This course does not provide continuing education (CE) credit.


Tiffany McLain, LMFT

Tiffany McLain, LMFT, is a therapist consultant whose mantra is, “Full fees are the new black.” She helps upwardly mobile clinicians in private practice overcome their shame about marketing and making money so they can help the clients they are truly passionate about serving.

Additional Information

Format and Length:

Recorded Video Format (non-interactive); Total running time 78 minutes

Who Should Attend:

Psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists. This course is especially well-suited to those currently working in, or considering moving into, private practice settings.

Publication and Review Dates:

Course Published: February 10, 2020 

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SimplePractice Learning pays course providers. This course is provided by Therapy Reimagined. SimplePractice maintains full control and responsibility for program content. There is no other financial support for this course.

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No Continuing Education credit:

This course does not provide continuing education (CE) credit.